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Your Partner for IT solutions

To be closer to the Luxembourgish customers, Netlor and groupe RAS have combined their knowledge and skills and founded the joined subsidiary Netlux in Luxembourg.

Netlux proposes services from Netlor and groupe RAS, benefitting from about 20 years of technical knowledge and expertise in engineering, IT support, storage and the cyber security. 

Our goal  is, to advise you in finding the right solutions, to support you with needed skills and to bring you a tailor-made solution in the area of data protection, project management and business application design.




KUB Cleaner

Protect your information and production network from USB device infections using the KUB (Kiosk for Universal Blocking), knowing that around 30 % of viruses come from USB devices.

Innovative solution, simple, fast and secure.

Kub is an analysis and decontamination solution for USB devices.

Installing a new terminal is done in one minute and allows you to create a truly synchronized, secure, and isolated infrastructure from your corporate network.

The KUB comes with 2 antivirus agents by default, for added security you can add up to 3 additional.

A central device controls the whole solution and brings you a global view of the detected threats.

The WorkStation Protect agent offers the option of blocking all external devices that have not been analyzed by a KUB.

Many additional features complete the solution, have a look on the website:

Research &

Netlux also support you in your analysis and design of tailor-made solutions. From the requirement management, through formalization up to the development of the application, we are working to ensure immediate results.

Being Agile, Netlux uses methodologies like Scrum, Netlux deals with all changes inherent to IT projects and will always offer you the functionality in line with your budget and your turnaround time.

Netlux pays much focus to usability and especially the interfaces, used by your end-users.

In addition, our experience of almost 20 years in the field of Web application development is a real asset for production. We continuously improve our tools, work methods and remain attentive to technological innovations in order to bring you the best customer experience.



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